Payment Page

Dear Fellow Locksmith,

Thank you for your interest in the South Carolina Locksmith Associations.  The objective of our association is to encourage locksmiths to meet and excahnge ideas, information, and techniques; in a word ---education.  Our association works to promote the public understanding and respect of the locksmith trade.

Our association meets four times a year --- January, April, July, October --- during the last weekend of that month.  Nonmembers may attend quaterly conventions based on the following: the first convention has no registration fee, and subsequent conventions have a $50.00 registration fee.  Classes may be attended if fee for the class is paid., except restricted classes (a restricted class is determined by the executive board and executive committes as per SCLA constitution, article 6, section 5). Annual membership dues are $150.00 which includes the SCLA quarterly newsletter.

TO apply for membership you must send the following:

1. a completed, original application form

2. a completed fingerprint card

3. a current, torso, color photograph, approximately 3" x 3"

4. the $40.00 nonrefundable application fee

Your application for membership must be received by the SCLA secretary no less than 45 days prior to business meeting at which you wish your membership to be considered.  You must attend the board meeting prior to business meeting to be interviewed by the SCLA executive board. If the SCLA executive board approves your application, then you must attend the next business meeting to be voted on by the SCLA membership.  If approved, you may attend any classes by paying required fees.

We would be pleased to have you join the South Carolina Locksmith Association.  If you have any questions, please contact sclasecretary19@gmailcom