Upcoming SCLA Meetings

                                  April 26-27 2019 Meeting

                                Columbia, SC    



Meeting Schedule

Friday April 26 2019 6:00pm 8:30pm 

Ask A Pro 

Instructors: Various Facilitator: Jimmie Harvison Cost: Free 

An open forum on different types of equipment that are used in our industry- All that attend are encouraged to bring specialty tools or tools that they are not sure how to operate equipment that has sat in the back of the van or shop that you are not sure what it is. This forum is the time to bring that stuff to and ask the leaders of our industry how to use or even what it is. You are also encouraged to bring custom tools that you have built that help in your everyday work. This should be a don’t miss event. 

Friday April 26,2019 9:00pm SCLA Board Meeting 

Saturday April 27 2019 8:00am 9:00am 

SCLA Membership Meeting 

Saturday April 27.2019 9:30am-Lunch -4:30pm 

Electronic Lock Round Robin (Six Classes in One Event) Cost $45.00 

Facilitator: Michael Cooper 

Instructors: Jimmie Harvison Randy Everette Steve Jones Eric Seymour, Jeff Owens, Steve Masters 

The morning session will introduce you to several different types of electronic locks and one type of mechanical cypher lock. You will be shown how to operate the different locks, how to program the lock the different features of each lock. Some of the locks that we will be showcasing are:The Kwikset & Schiage Electronic Dead Bolts Keypad locks from 1EI Secolarm Locknetics KABA E-Plex, Alarm Loc, Simplex LI 000. Safe Locks S&G LaGard. SecuRam. 

The afternoon session will be a Q&A on the different locks resets bypassing, tips and tricks on how to work with the different locks. This should be a good class for anyone in the industry

Saturday April 27 2019 9:30am - 2:00pm

Chrysler skreem pin code reading.

Instructor: William Campbell  Cost $25

This class will show you a proven method to extract the pin code from a Chrysler skreem module via eeprom. 

Saturday April 27,2019 1:004:00pm 

Motorcycle Key generation 

Instructor Benjamin Kessel. Cost $25.00 

This class will teach the basic methods for generating keys for various motorcycles using a number of methods. 

Note: If both classes are taken by the same person then both classes together will cost $45.00